The PAC Process

The Paid as a Consultant (PAC) process is followed when you engage a builder at the same time as the design team, to collaborate with all other parties on the pre-construction phases of a renovation.

Benefits of the PAC process

A great amount of synergy is realised from having a builder involved in your project from the outset. Builders bring a wealth of up-to-date knowledge on construction costs and techniques to the table, which can prove highly beneficial as you work through the design iterations of your home.

Too often, clients work closely with a building designer to craft the perfect design for their renovation only to discover that the much-loved design exceeds budget expectations or can’t be constructed due to site constraints or other reasons. Not only is a redesign expensive, it can be a stressful, disheartening and time-consuming process. The PAC process eliminates this unnecessary stress and cost, by ensuring your home design is tailored to your block and created within budget from the very beginning.

The other key benefit of the PAC process is it means your builder can discuss your project with other parties including engineers, surveyors, certifiers, town planners, material suppliers and subcontractors from the early stages. This results in accurate costs around supplies and labour, feedback on potential problems or engineering aspects and alternate building materials or construction methods that may be better suited to your project. Builders know the lingo when talking to these other consultants, so you don’t have to!

Finding the best fit for your build

At Radius Builders, we work closely with a number of building designers across Brisbane. Should you be looking for a designer, we can provide a ‘best-fit’ reference for you to work with one our preferred designers. If you have a designer or design company in mind already, we can also collaborate with their team.

The PAC process is separate to our regular building service, with a separate agreement and fee. It may cost a little more upfront, but we find that it is the best way to avoid budget overruns and expensive design changes once construction has commenced – meaning you’re actually likely to save money in the long run.

Get in touch with our friendly team to learn more about the PAC process today.