While we have many years of experience in building and renovating all types of homes in Brisbane, we’ve no doubt built a reputation for our Queenslander renovations.
Found throughout the suburbs of Brisbane, these homes have been a unique and iconic part of the state’s architecture. Consequently, there is a drive to preserve these homes, which means additional rules and regulations for homeowners who hope to renovate their character home.
But these regulations shouldn’t put you off creating your dream Brisbane home. At Radius Builders, we’re able to guide you through the process, helping you with all the paperwork and documentation needed to obtain council approval. We can also help you come up with a design and renovation plan that adheres to character regulations while still achieving the modern outcome you desire.

There are several options when it comes to renovating your character home. One of the main restrictions applied to character home renovations is retaining the original appearance of the home. This means that your facade must remain predominantly unchanged – you’ll be limited to restoration and revamping the original design and will have to make considered decisions about the materials used.

At Radius Builders, we’re able to reconfigure your interior floor plan so it better suits your modern lifestyle.
For instance, if your character home has the kitchen and dining area separated, we can open up the floorplan and combine these two spaces. We can also add additional bathrooms, bedrooms, and living areas where needed in order to create your dream home and cater to your needs.
Is it time to modernise your character home? Reach out to Radius Builders today.