Have you outgrown your existing home, but you’re still in love with the design, style and location? Then moving doesn’t have to be your only option. Among the many services offered, we can also extend your home, creating spaces that evolve with the needs of your family.

Room extensions are a great way of transforming awkward spaces, such as a pokey laundry area or a small, narrow kitchen. An extension allows these spaces to become more functional and suited to your contemporary lifestyle. Today, kitchens are a high traffic area that often serve as the heart of the home. Ensuring the space is functional and made for communal gathering is key to our extension process.

A key element of Queenslander and post-war home renovations is modernising the interior of the home.

Currently, we’re finding many clients desiring open-plan homes which are suitable for a growing family. An extension will allow you to create a contemporary space while still keeping the iconic elements of your classic home. When it comes to creating additional space and improving liveability without sacrificing the original structure of your home, extensions are a great option.

Other popular extension services include laundry spaces, extra bedrooms and bathrooms and even house raise and build unders. By adding these new rooms, you’ll be able to create a more comfortable and functional space without giving up the home where so many of your family memories have been formed.

Whether you simply want to add an extra room, or an entire wing onto your home, Radius Builders can deliver a seamless space that exceeds your expectations. Get in touch with Radius Builders today to discuss your extension needs.