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Located on Brisbane’s south side, we are a renovation company dedicated to crafting custom renovations of Queenslander and post-war homes. We are passionate about preserving these unique homes and have perfected the balance of maintaining the character of these homes while updating them to cater to a modern lifestyle

We offer a range of services including raise and build under, extensions and custom renovations. We are skilled at creating new modernised areas which work harmoniously with existing spaces in the home, and at recreating classic styles with modern materials and techniques.

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Core Values


We are always upfront with our clients. We pride ourselves on practising open communication and operating with full transparency throughout your project. If there is an issueor a challenge, you’ll know about it right away.


Nothing we do is less than exceptional. We work with the best tradespeople, contractors and materials, who all share our goal of striving for perfection and excellence. All of our renovations include incredible details that bring these stunning character homes back to life.


We have spent years honing our speciality in renovating Queenslanders and post-war homes. It’s what we do and what we are known for, and we have a comprehensive portfolio of past projects that showcase our passion, dedication and drive to make these classic homes ideal for modern living.

Friendly and approachable service

We don’t ever want our clients to be isolated or alienated by the building process, which can easily become overwhelming if you’re unprepared for the challenges of renovating a character home. At Radius Builders, we work tirelessly to guide you through the ins and outs of building - from helping you receive council approval for your renovation, to helping you pick out those last finishing touches for your home.