What is a raise and build under?

A raise and build under is when the existing home is lifted and restumped at a higher level to allow for rooms to build underneath.

What are character overlays?

With Queensland full of historical architectural marvels, there are plenty of regulations to be aware of if you are looking to renovate one of these homes. A character overlay is a code that protects and limits what you can build or renovate on a character/traditional home. These codes are specific to the council in which your home is located.

How do I know what overlays apply to my home?

You will be able to find out through your local council. Radius Builders can assist with this.

What are the laws regarding heritage homes in Queensland?

Developments on heritage homes fall under the Queensland Heritage Act 1992 and the Queensland Heritage Regulation 2015.

How do I know if my home is a Queenslander?

There are a few ways to determine if your home is a Queenslander or not. Firstly, when was the home built? Queenslanders began popping up in the state in the 1840s.

Other ways you can determine if your home is an authentic Queenslander are certain elements such as a gabled roof, an expansive verandah and the home being built on stumps.

What are provisional sums and prime cost items?

A provisional sum is an allowance made in your budget for works that cannot be priced at the time of the contract signing. They can include items, materials, and labour.

A prime cost item, on the other hand, is an item that hasn’t been selected in the period where the contract is being signed. It can include items such as kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures, and floor finishes.

Why don’t you offer a free quote or a square metre rate?

At Radius Builders, we believe that no building project – let alone character renovation – is the same. This is why we treat every project we undertake differently, acknowledging the unique challenges that we will encounter in the process.

A square metre rate is a rough estimate that does not factor in the specialised materials, building techniques and tradespeople needed for a high-quality character renovation. This is why we do not offer a square metre rate.

A quality quote takes real time and energy to compile. We believe in being transparent, honest and accurate with our clients, and a free quote – based on generalizations and vague details – will not achieve this. This is why we do not offer free quotes.

How long will it take to renovate my Queenslander or post-war home?

Each home is unique and as such, each home has its own unique timeline and scheduling needs. The time your home will take depends on the scope and scale of the renovation.