Raise & Build

Traditional ‘Queenslander’ homes, while unique and stunning, aren’t exactly built for modern lifestyles. Their floor plans can be small and constrained, and many families today are after spacious, sun-lit and open plan design.

While you may think you may have to buy a new home to accommodate these needs, there are plenty of methods that allow you to keep your character home while making it suitable for a modern lifestyle. One such service is a raise and build.

Simply put, a raise and build under is when you raise the stumps of the home and build a brand new level underneath. It is a renovation service uniquely suited to pre-1960s homes built on stumps and with timber frames and cannot be offered to concrete or brick homes.

Raising a home has many benefits. You’ll create more space without encroaching on your backyard, and you’ll help prevent your home from flood damage (if it is located in a flood-prone area).

We have years of experience undertaking raise and build under projects for Queenslander and other character homes across Brisbane. With our expertise and skill, we’re able to transform your home while retaining its character and unique street appeal. We understand the extreme level of care and thought required when conducting a raise and build project on one of these homes.

One of our most recent projects was a raise and build under for a Queenslander in Coorparoo. We transformed the outdated house into a five-bedroom, three-bathroom family home, creating a much more liveable environment for the homeowners.

Want to create more space without forfeiting your precious backyard area? Get in touch to talk about our state-of-the-art raise and build service.