The Benefits of a Raise and Build Under

Nov 12, 2020 | Raise and Build

Picture this. You’re looking to renovate your home or a new property, but you’re unsure of how to approach this undertaking. You need more room, but an extension or addition would mean the loss of outdoor space, which is key to any Queensland home….

In this situation, we often recommend a raise and build under to clients. This phrase refers to the process of lifting an existing home and building in underneath and is a very common and suitable option for Brisbane homes. 

In this blog, we explore the many benefits of a raise and build renovation. 

The luxury of space 

While a single-storey extension may allow you to add one of two rooms to your existing home, a raise and build under can essentially double your floorplan – all without encroaching on your precious backyard space. This type of renovation is perfect for building a rumpus room, garage, extra bedrooms, cellar or even a home office. 

Enjoying the climate and surrounds

We all know Brisbane summers can get pretty warm – but building underneath can help you beat the heat. The rooms in the downstairs area of your renovation won’t be exposed to as much sunlight as the top floor so they’ll be kept cool on those hot summer days and nights. Building under also allows you to insulate between the floors, helping the upper level stay cool in summer and cosy in winter. 

Queensland is also full of natural wonders, and a raise and build under is the perfect way to maximise your home’s vantage point to the state’s splendid hills, ocean views and/ or pastoral surrounds. 

Protect your style 

If your existing home is a classic Queenslander or post-war residence, you’re likely restricted in how you can renovate the home. Local councils and state laws protect the heritage status of these homes by only allowing for specific types of renovations to take place. Further, a modern addition paired with a Queenslander can look mismatched and ruin the heritage charm of your existing home. 

A raise and build under can circumvent these issues. By building underneath, you can simply mirror the facade of the existing home, while creating a more modern interior that reflects open-plan, contemporary living. 

Time for maintenance 

Living in a Queenslander can’t be beaten, but these types of homes – along with other heritage residences – require maintenance and upkeep to keep them safe and retain the charm of the original home. 

A raise and build under can be the perfect way to replace or restore crucial elements of the home that are in need of attention. If it’s a Queenslander home for instance, the foundations stumps may need replacing and this provides an opportunity to level and straighten the house.  This is especially advantageous before renovating an upstairs kitchen or bathroom. A quality builder will help you refurbish these aspects of the home with care and expertise. 

Add value to your home 

A raise and build under can firmly increase the value of your home. If you’re thinking about selling in years to come, your home will garner lots of interest for having both yard space and a large floor plan. These specific elements boost the value of Brisbane homes significantly.

If you’re looking to raise and build under your existing home, get in touch with the team at Radius Builders today. We have many years’ experience renovating and restoring classic Queenslander and post-war homes all over Brisbane.

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