Queenslander Renovations

Modernising your Character Homes

We are proud to have many years of experience in building and renovating all types of homes. Amongst our favourites are Queenslander renovations. These classic homes can be found throughout the suburbs of Brisbane, so much so that they have become iconic. Due to these homes being such a unique and iconic part of Brisbane’s homes, there have been rules and regulations put in place in order to preserve their character. 


Whilst you may find these rules and regulations hard to work around, our team are experts at bringing dreams to reality, whilst following the rules. We are more than happy to work with you to come to decisions to make sure that your expectations are exceeded. 


There are several options when it comes to renovating your heritage-listed home. One of the main restrictions concerns maintaining the original appearance of the home. So even choices regarding the materials used should be considered. However, this doesn’t mean that changes can’t be made. 


If you’re seeking a larger home, extensions and raises are possible. We know that Queenslanders weren’t designed with today’s lifestyles in mind and many homeowners may find themselves outgrowing their heritage home. We can extend your home to allow you to live comfortably without having to separate from the beloved character home. Choosing to extend or raise may be a tough choice. When you choose to raise your home, you don’t sacrifice any of the yard space, so if your backyard is already on the smaller size, this may be the best choice. On the other hand, an extension may suit the layout of your building better, and can also be beneficial in the long run or for those who would prefer not to have many stairs in their home. Regardless of the extension, Radius Builders will deliver a stunning, high-quality result.


Perhaps your Queenslander simply needs a reconfiguration? We can also rearrange your home to better suit your lifestyle. If the kitchen and dining area are your two primary rooms, but they’re divided, we can create an open plan living area. The rules and restrictions still apply to the interior of the home, however, it is more lenient. It’s still important to consider the materials and maintain the original elements of the interior, such as ceiling features or windows. We can add bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and living areas where needed in order to create your dream home. 


Radius Builders understand how important it is to maintain the integrity and character of a Queenslander, so we work with you to do this as well as remain within the restrictions in place. If you’re wanting to renovate your Queenslander, or view our other services, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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