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Extend your Brisbane Home

When it comes to a home, what we require from it can drastically change, sometimes so much so that moving seems to be the only solution. However, when you’ve fallen in love with your home, it can be hard to part ways. This is where we can help. Amongst our many services, we can extend your home, creating the perfect space for you and your family. 


We specialise in extending and renovating Queenslanders, which can prove to be a complicated process when you don’t have the years of experience that our team at Radius Builders does. We understand how important it is to maintain the integrity and character of these iconic homes, so we will do so whilst creating your dream home. 


Room extensions are a great way of utilising awkward spaces. Perhaps you have a poky laundry area or a small kitchen? An extension allows these spaces to become much more functional and suited to your lifestyle. 


Kitchens are often a high traffic area, so ensuring that this space is functional is usually an important element of our extension process. Other popular extension services include laundry spaces, extra bedrooms and bathrooms and even house raises and build-unders. These all allow you to create a larger, more usable space without giving up the home you have created memories in. 


We are finding that more people want open-plan homes, especially those who have growing families. A home extension provides the opportunity to reconfigure the layout of your home, creating the open-plan environment. 


Extensions are a great option for when you want to create more space in your home without sacrificing the original structure of the home. Whether you simply want to add an extra room, or an entire wing onto your home, Radius Builders can deliver a high-quality finish that exceeds your expectations. Get in touch today and we can discuss your extenstion needs. 

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    large laundry with lighting and mudrack
    timber flooring and bifold doors and light blue interior walls