Brisbane Staircases

Staircase Builders in Brisbane

Stairs are a necessary and practical addition to most homes, even single storey homes can have a set of steps. Whilst stairs are necessary, they can also be the finishing touch to a home, tying together the interior and exterior spaces. The team at Radius Builders are experienced in a wide variety of general construction jobs, including staircases.

We take pride in creating stunning staircases for interiors and exteriors. We understand that even the smaller details need to be considered, so we can create custom stairs that match the overall aesthetic of your home.

Timber staircases are a great addition to classic Queenslanders. We know that these iconic homes age over the years and require maintenance. However, as they are Heritage-listed homes rules and regulations are surrounding any construction work to be done, but with our many years of experience in Brisbane, we have become very familiar with these restrictions. We can deliver a staircase that reflects the character of the home whilst remaining within the rules as well as standing the test of time.



When a staircase contributes to first impressions, it’s important to make sure that it suits the rest of your home, so we also specialise in creating steel staircases. These are great for modern homes and can last through the varying seasons of Queensland.

One of our services is House Raising and Building Underneath. To optimise the functionality of your house, adding more than one staircase is a great option. We can create a custom staircase for any home, whether it’s a classic Brisbane Queenslander, or a sleek, modern home.


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